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Mortex Enterprises is one of the few remaining British Manufacturers of babywear and childrenswear in Britain.

Our clothing is made ethically in Britain not in sweatshops abroad.

We make aprons, adult and baby bibs, baby hats, baby body vests (also known as body suits), vests for adults and children, legionnaires hats for children and babies, Y fronts for men and other clothing items.

If you buy a large quantity (at least 500 m of fabric, approximately 1500 garments) then we can also have your bespoke (your design to your custom requirements) patterns printed onto our clothes. This will incur a one off origination cost to make the screen printing templates , and also an additional printing cost per garment. You can also choose from our existing patterns . Please contact us for more details. Therefore if you are a designer with a pattern you think would sell then we can make them for you to resell.
Most of the clothes we make are plain white and do not include a logo on the clothing. They are therefore suitable for resellers wanting to add their own embroidery. And the labels we include in clothes made by us state "Made in the UK" (except mittens which are too small for labels). We can however, if a large enough quantity is requested, make garments in other colours.

Our sister company, Bouncealong Inflatables Ltd makes bouncy castles (inflatables), and the associated accessories including repair kits, sand bags and peg bags.

Our sister company, Soft Play Mat Ltd makes crash mats, soft play animals, soft play shapes and soft play set.

All clothes and castles made by us are made in our factory in Coventry, England.

If you are a member of the public in the UK then we offer a no quibble money back guarantee. We are prepared to ship worldwide.

We sell wholesale, and also direct to the public via eBay and eBid. Our eBid store is HERE.


<B><U>Royal Wedding And The Olympics</U></B> <BR> We can make themed baby clothes for these events however appropriate copyright permission must be obtained beforehand. If you have any ideas for suitable products you would like us to make please contact us. <BR>


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Please use the legacy sites for Children's and Adult clothing.

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You can contact us by phoning 024 76637108 if you are within the UK or 0044 2476 637108 if you are abroad (outside the UK).


You can email

If you would prefer to complete a web form for an enquiry please do so using one of the above sites (i.e. for Public or Wholesale)

Mortex Enterprises is a well-established baby and Childrenswear manufacturer. We can supply an extensive range of products, in a variety of styles, to suit even the most stringent of requirements. Our highly flexible manufacturing process is particularly suitable for producing customised products, in bulk quantities. We can offer a range of colours, prints, motifs and styles of packaging. By combining innovation with experience, and top quality manufacturing resources, we have guaranteed our place at the forefront of the market. We welcome all orders with a minimum quantity of 360 pieces per product per size.

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